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Basics Of Immigration: How The Immigration Process Works

A lot of people are confused about the real meaning of the term ‘Immigration’. Well immigration simply means moving into one country.  Most of us confuse immigration to the process of moving out of a country rather than into it.  There are many reasons why one may wish to immigrate into a country and the following are a few of them:

  • One of the most common reasons for immigration is to look for better employment opportunities and thereby to improve standard and quality of life.  When the immigration is related to employment, then it is mostly termed as employment based immigration.
  • Another common reason for immigrating to a certain country is to reunite with friends and family and this type of immigration can be termed as family based immigration that is achieved with the help of a family based immigration lawyer.
  • In the case when a person is not welcome in his/her own country and is being attacked due to political or religious reasons, then he/she may want to seek asylum immigration in another country which can be done by hiring an experienced asylum lawyer.
  • In case a person wishes to gain education from another country, then he/she may apply for student immigration or education based immigration and this is another common reason for immigration.

How people immigrate

The first step which one must fulfill, irrespective of his/her age, gender or qualifications is to apply for a Visa.  A visa is like a passing certificate or authority which lets you travel or visit any other nation.  While it is easy to obtain Visa to certain countries, it may be a little tough when it comes to certain others.  The next step is to fill out an immigration form or application form which describes your basic intention of going to or moving to another nation.  While this can be done independently or without any help, many people hire immigration lawyers like employment based immigration attorney or family based immigration lawyer for this purpose.

Within the process of immigration, there are many more steps and complexities involved. Filing of petition, getting various documents ready, appearing for an immigration interview are just few of the steps that one needs to pass to immigrate into another country.  It is important to remember that people with a clean track record in their country or origin are likely to get immigration permission easily while those with criminal records or other legal complications may be held back and may have a tough road ahead. This is the reason why hiring an expert is a better decision as it puts one in a better place to be allowed to immigrate.

Immigration involves case hearing, detailed proof of income, residency, birth, qualifications and several other matters and details to be fulfilled.  So if you too are interested in immigration, it is better to start getting ready for the paperwork and legal procedures. Visit to get the services of the best immigration lawyers.

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